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Most Marvelous Language Learning ResourcesTootin’ my own horn

This guest post that I did on Brazen Careerist on 5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

Or if you want some parlor tricks for being more confident (which I’m all about, as you know if you’ve been listening to the 30 Minute Italian Podcast), then you’re gonna want to read this article I wrote for Sam Gendreau over at Lingholic. 

Random cultural loveliness

OMG. This totally amazing MOVING post for Italian gestures. Go go go see it now.

Old Italian man teaching Italian gestures + doing the infamous ‘buono’ gesture at around the 5:30 mark. LOVE.

This prettyful + recommended travel destination in beautiful Italia of course.

This song by Entics. Slightly obsessed.

Language lovin’

There are so many mobile apps for language learning! Someone needs to start a niche review site for foreign language mobile apps because I’m becoming inundated with them.

I can definitely picture these teachers uniting and forming a coalition of language learning. So cool. Kind of like The Order of the Phoenix, but less violent.

OH + totally random. Did you know this language was the easiest language in the world to learn? Maybe we should all just switch over and ditch Italian.

That was a joke. Italian isn’t even ditchable.

This infographic on why learning languages makes you sexier + more dateable.

And I should also mention that at least three of these marvelous resources came from following @kokothepolyglot on Twitter, who is a pretty cool guy even if I’ve only chatted with him virtually.


This picture makes me want to cry. It’s so beautiful. Oh how I miss gelato.

And this one just makes me want to jump on a plane + brave the Italian train system once again.

Oh, and if you’ve been looking for a list of all of the ways that you can be caffeinated (you know you were totally thinking about it), then look no further than here.




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